• Coke products and ordinary Dalian olette foundry coke import and export company limited than has the following characteristics:
    1 beautiful appearance: the product is a regular rectangle or square, the size of the coke block can be tailored according to customer demand"
    2. High fixed carbon: due to the new product proportion into the unique quality of low sulfur anthracite, so foundry coke ash 12% of its fixed carbon is not less than 87% and its application effect is better than equal to 10% ash ordinary foundry coke.
    3. High strength: the coke with world-class digital stamping device and vacuum hydraulic technology, effectively improves the mechanical strength of the briquette molding, coupled with in the process of refining the new refining process, so the production of coke products than ordinary of the coke strength, wear resistance higher, the realization of the transportation, loading and unloading of zero damage.
    4 high calorie, high furnace temperature, large amount of iron: compared to the refining of coke products and ordinary foundry coke, the calorific value of bigger, iron content more. The amount of hot metal in the amount of hot metal is less than the average 10%-20%, so the use of coke products can reduce the labor intensity, but also save the cost of the product, the economic benefit is very obvious.
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